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Welcome to Medi Makeovers - The Experts in Medical Tourism.

Always wanted surgery or dental procedures in Thailand but did not know how to start organising the trip - please complete the enquiry form and let Medi Makeovers do all the work for you. Medi Makeovers is an AUSTRALIAN based company with staff in Australia who will organise your trip.

Medi Makeovers offers information about Affordable Quality Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery and Dental Getaways in Thailand – the country ranked number one in the world for medical tourism, ranked by appeal, specialties, and popularity. Breast Implants – Lifts - Reductions, Face Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, and Nose Reshaping are just some of the very popular surgical options. Also the latest technology offered for all dental treatments, wellness resorts and spas.

Medi Makeovers began 8 years ago and have helped many happy satisfied patients with organising their trip to Thailand where their have had their surgery and dental procedures. We believe in high customer service and personal contact both at home and in Thailand.

We look after everything for you - from start to finish so you dont have to worry about a thing. We understand that you may be nervous about travelling overseas for treatments and we will make sure your trip is a fantastic experience. We believe it is very important to understand about choice. You must always do your homework before undertaking any decision. So please include the information from our surgeons, dentists, hospitals and clinic in your decision. Be comfortable in your final choice when travelling to Thailand for treatments.

Medi Makeovers offers information from surgeons and hosptials, dentist and clinics about a complete range of medical procedures from Plastic Surgery to General Surgery including:
Breast Surgery, Facial procedures, Tummy Tucks. We also can help you with procedures such as Knee Replacements, Hip Replacements, Bariatric Surgery and all gynaecology treatments.

Medi Makeovers also offers information about a full range of dental treatments - from basic fillings and teeth whitening to major full dental reconstructions. Please do not hesitate to enquire about Dental Treatments.

We offer you a personalised comprehensive package for all our clients, including all information regarding your trip - flights, accommodation, transfers and tours. You dont have to worry about anything - Medi Makeovers will look after your travel arrangements while you are in Thailand.

Having surgery or dental treatments is all about choice, your choice, as is your decision to come to Thailand and not have treatments at home. We respect this decision and ensure that your trip to Thailand will be a safe and secure journey. We offer information about registered nurses in Thailand to look after you as well as staff in Australia who are here for you 24/7. You can speak personally with all our staff in Australia to arrange your trip with hotels etc.

You can safely travel alone with Medi Makeovers due to the way we arrange your holiday, so you dont have to worry about a thing. However, you can also join our ESCORTED GROUPS and travel with a group from where ever you are and join us in Bangkok, with our Medi Makeovers team.

Medi Makeovers clients have the priceless advantage of having their Thai experience packaged into a holiday - like trip. Our experts have personally checked out every detail of the surgeons, hospital, wellness resorts, hotel accommodations and recommended flight agents; through this we have achieved excellence in our field. We offer no hidden charges and expert personalized service. You can relax with Medi Makeovers and your decision!

There are no hidden charges or surgery procedure price mark-ups as a Medi Makeovers Client. The price of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and dental procedures, are exactly the same as if you dealt directly with our Hospitals and Clinics, as these international Hospitals and clinics maintain a ‘fixed price policy’ – with no direct consumer discounts possible. Medi Makeovers guarantees that the price you pay for any procedures booked as a Medi Makeovers Client will be exactly the same, as if you had made all the arrangements direct with Thailand. We offer our expertise and  remove all the guesswork, confusion, uncertainty and inevitable international communication challenges – and are with you every step of the way – before, during and after your medical travel journey.

We also recommend all potential medical travellers researching Medical Travel Agencies; do their due diligence on the total prices charged and inclusions offered by those Agencies. While it is necessary for Agencies to be able to charge a reasonable Service Fee to cover various services provided, we are aware of substantial mark-ups being added to the ‘all inclusive prices’ of some Agencies. Also be very careful of agencies that request payment to them for surgery or dental prior to your travel. At Medi Makeovers we advise you not to pay any money for your surgery or dental procedures until you personally have your consultation with your surgeon or dentist in Bangkok.

Have high quality medical treatment with highly trained professionals overseas... safely & affordably

Review our package prices:

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Or let us know the procedures you would like and we can create a package to suit you personally.

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Disclaimer: Medi Makeovers is a medical tourism facilitator and in providing any medical information to its clients and prospective clients relies on medical, surgical and other recommendations supplied by the hospitals and clinics in Thailand that Medi Makeovers is accredited with. Medi Makeovers provides this information to its clients and prospective clients on behalf of these hospitals and clinics and in good faith, however, this must not be construed as Medi Makeovers offering or providing medical advice. Regardless of the wording, no information expressed in this website is to be interpreted as Medi Makeovers or its personnel offering or providing medical advice or recommendations.

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Everyone was amazing. The nurses were great, so caring. Daniela and Raquel are seriously AMAZING to say the least and so so so helpful!!
Jessica - Dr Worapong - Bangpakok 9 Hospital


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