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Compression Garments

Medi Makeovers are committed to providing you with first class medical packages that will meet your every wish and expectations, and our garments are no exception.

As part of your recovery process it will be necessary for you to wear a post - operative surgical garment for several weeks after surgery. These garments are designed to reduce swelling and assist you with your recovery.

To view and purchase your required garment please email us on and we will send you all the information

Different surgical procedures will determine how long you need to wear your garment for. On average, it is approximately 6 weeks, 24 hours a day. It is preferred that you wear these garments up to 3 months for optimum results and for 6 months at night. It is recommended you purchase 2 garments so that one can be washed and aired whilst you wear the other. It is extremely important that you wear these garments because if not adhered to, you could compromise your surgical result.

To wash your garments please place in a laundry bag and use a gentle machine wash or alternatively hand wash.

Medical Travel Insurance

Custom Assurance Placements, LTD, has developed  and discovered insurance solutions for medical tourists and the medical tourism industry. One of the products available is a specialty travel insurance policy called Global Protective Solutions (GPS) providing benefits for participating medical tourists or medical travelers from almost any country for accidents and complications.

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