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Women experience dramatic and beautiful changes in their bodies over time.  For many women the changes that occur to their bodies after pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding and weight gain leave them wanting to return to their pre-motherhood body. Common changes that can occur to the body with pregnancy are loose abdominal skin with stretch marks and weakness of the abdominal wall muscles.  Also, breast enlargement during pregnancy with the subsequent loss of volume after breast-feeding can result in loss of the youthful upper breast fullness, as well as sag or droop to the breasts. In many cases diet and exercise cannot undo these changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth, so it is common for women to seek cosmetic surgery to restore their youthful, pre-baby body once they have finished having children.

Choose one of our popular packages and then relax and recover safely with Medi Makeovers.

For breast implants, our surgeons recommend round, textured, cohesive silicone gel implants. They can be high, moderate or low profile, these are included in the package price. (Anatomical/tear drop shape available at an additional price)

*All packages include the following for 1 adult: BANGKOK

  • All Medi Makeovers Services and Booking Fee
  • Hospital stay in a single, private room
  • Theatre and Pathology, X-ray fees
  • Surgery, Surgeon, Private Hospital Fees, Anaesthetist
  • Breast implants are for less than 400cc Round
  • Bandages, dressings, and prescribed medications for 7 days
  • Accommodation package at the 5 star Grand Centre Point Sukhumvit
  • Complimentary Breakfast daily in hotel accommodation
  • Pre and Post-surgery consultation/s by leading surgeon
  • Airport Transfers
  • No additional accommodation charges for the second person. (Based on a Deluxe Premium room)

Tummy Tuck (less than 80kgs)
Includes 3 nights Hospital Stay
14 Nights Package in Total

Total Package Price*
AUD $5,450

Tummy Tuck (less than 80kgs) + Breast Implants (up to 400cc)
Includes 4 nights Hospital Stay
14 Nights Package in Total

Total Package Price*
AUD $8,500

Tummy Tuck (less than 80kgs) + Breast Lift or Breast Reduction
14 Nights Package in Total
Includes 4 nights Hospital Stay

Total Package Price*
AUD $8,995

Tummy Tuck (less than 80kgs) + Breast Lift + Breast Implants (up to 400cc)
14 Nights Package in Total
Includes 5 nights Hospital Stay

Total Package Price*
AUD $12,350

*Prices quoted as of August 2013


For more information please click: Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

* Surgery prices quoted as at February 2013 and are for standard, non-complicated cases. The prices quoted are approximate, and subject to foreign exchange rates. Please note that any additional surgery, nights in hospital, medications, personal nursing must be paid to the hospital at the time of care.

Price does not include flights – please enquire with our travel agent for prices on flights.

Please note:

  • Prices are indications only and can change depending on the exchange rate of the day. Accurate quotes are given to you on enquiry. Payment for surgery and accommodation is in Thai Baht, therefore it depends on the exchange rate of the day of payment.
  • The above package price payment is split into 3 payments, accommodation payment is paid directly to the hotel before your departure, surgery price is paid directly to the hospital after your consultation with the surgeon, (by credit card, cash) with the remainder paid direct to Medi Makeovers. This is all explained in your quote. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES. These 3 payments equal the package price above.
  • Prices for accommodation and surgery may alter at any time and we cannot guarantee the price you pay until your confirmed booking.
  • Smoking and alcohol can cause delayed recovery, wound breakdown and increased risk of infection. We strongly recommend that you stop smoking and no alcohol 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery. You may be denied surgery if you smoke and the Medi Makeovers Guarantee is null and void for smokers.

Disclaimer: Medi Makeovers is a medical tourism facilitator and in providing any medical information to its clients and prospective clients relies on medical, surgical and other recommendations supplied by the hospitals and clinics in Thailand that Medi Makeovers is accredited with. Medi Makeovers provides this information to its clients and prospective clients on behalf of these hospitals and clinics and in good faith, however, this must not be construed as Medi Makeovers offering or providing medical advice. Regardless of the wording, no information expressed in this website is to be interpreted as Medi Makeovers or its personnel offering or providing medical advice or recommendations.

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