Plastic surgery and medical procedures in Thailand: Why more of us are doing it - August 2014

IF you knew a medical procedure you needed could be done at the same quality but half the price internationally, would you jump on a plane to have it done?

It is estimated that around 15,000 Australians are heading overseas for nip tuck holidays every year, spending a total of $300 million on medical procedures — some of them life saving.

It’s called medical tourism, and it’s having a significant impact on global healthcare, including in Australia, where our health system is straining under the weight of an ageing population and long waiting lists for elective surgery.

Thailand is leading the world as a medical tourism destination, earning a staggering $4.31 billion in revenue from the industry in 2013. Of the 26.5 million people who visited Thailand in 2013, 2.5 million came purely for medical reasons. That number has been growing at an average of 15 per cent a year over the past decade...........


Style magazine

'Beauty in Bangkok', November 2013

Medical tourism radio interview on RN

'Perfect Words', 30 September 2012 - Listen here!

Take 5 Magazine July 2013

Media - Articles about Medical Tourism

Sydney Morning Herald February 21st 2013


Sun Herald Newspaper - Sunday May 5th 2012

Moulding Beauty amid Chaos

THREE young women, dressed in space-age uniforms, glide down a long white corridor on rollerblades. At first glance, it could be a scene from a sci-fi movie.

But the rollergirls are administration assistants at a Bangkok cosmetic clinic. They ensure that medical files get to doctors before they see patients.

This is Yanhee Hospital, an ultra-modern 400-bed centre that each year plays host to thousands of foreign patients who have opted for cut-price cosmetic procedures. While the clinic is neither the most expensive nor cheapest in Thailand, it has become popular among Australians.......

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Moulding Beauty Amid Chaos

Dr Suthat and Chloe


Sun Herald Newspaper May 5th 2012 and Brisbane Times May 6th 2012

Global remedy to a local affliction:
More Australians are travelling overseas to countries such as India and Thailand for surgery as globalisation makes private medical care more affordable and waiting times lengthen back home......

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Nip and Tuck surgeries - Australia compared to Thailand

By Louisa Deasey

Whether you choose to go under the knife for health, comfort, injury or aesthetics, plastic surgery is a billion-dollar industry in Australia.

But just how much does it cost, and what are the pluses and pitfalls of getting nipped and tucked in Australia, versus overseas?

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PIP implants - 60 Minutes

March 12, 2011: Right now, in homes around the country, thousands of Australian women are worried sick. They're living with the terrible possibility that a toxic time bomb is ticking away inside their bodies.

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