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We are always happy to help you obtain a beautiful, healthy and confident smile. As the leading restorative and aesthetic dental clinic in the downtown Sukhumvit, Bangkok, we have been acclaimed for its pursuit of dental excellence and application of cutting-edge dental technology, including the computerized x-rays and 3D CAD-CAM digital system.

We know your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance. That’s why we offer the perfect combination of the good dental care and the most comfortable dental treatment while maintaining the strictest sanitary and sterilization technique. We love to see your smile, that’s why we work hard to serve all aspects of your dental needs. You will be embraced and given utmost care and attention to your dental needs by our warm and friendly staff.

Wellcome to the Land of Smiles and feel the difference!


The prices listed below are in THAI BAHT - please use the currency converter above for your currency

Smile Dental - Bangkok - Prices

All procedure and treatment prices are based on standard procedures on non-complicated patients. Prices will vary due to exchange rates to AUD at the time of booking and payment, as prices are quoted in Thai Baht and payment is made in Thai Baht direct to the clinic. The procedure price may possibly vary depending on each individual and what is required, extra medication and or treatments, therefore, each case will be priced according to your assessment, medical history and the final consultation with the dentist prior to procedure will determine your final cost.

The prices cannot be altered or discounted by Medi Makeovers , as it is set by the hospital and is subject to change by the clinic.

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