Surgery Guarantee

Our Commitment and Guarantee

Medi Makeovers stand by the service that we offer and have a responsibility to our clients to ensure that their medical holiday goes a smoothly as possible even after they return home. We want you to feel confident and happy about your surgery and be assured that you are not putting yourselves at unnecessary risk by travelling overseas for surgery. Therefore we have chosen to work with only the best internationally accredited surgeons in Thailand. We have researched thoroughly the surgeons and hospitals and can confidently provide these assurances to our clients.

However, it is important to recognise that there are inherent risks associated with all types of surgery, no matter where they are performed. If you are healthy, with no prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations of your surgery, we are sure that you will be pleased with your results, if you follow your doctors’ advice and recovery instructions.

If, in the case that a problem does arise as a direct result of the surgery that requires corrective surgery, the hospitals offer a 6 month conditional guarantee on all their surgeries. If, following an assessment by the surgeon, it has been assessed that there is a problem; the hospital will cover the costs of the surgeons fees and hospital accommodation. There will still be a charge of hospital fees such as operating room fees. Flights and additional hotel costs must be covered by the client. The client must notify Medi Makeovers within the 6 month guarantee time frame.

You must supply requested information, test results and photos - e.g. Ultrasound, MRI etc as requested by surgeon. The assessment is then decided by the surgeon and hospital only. Medi Makeovers has no involvement in this decision at all.

However this guarantee does not apply to non-surgical treatments or Dental.

Conditions of Surgery guarantee:

  • If a client has answered all questions in the original Medical Form and all conditions were declared completely and truthfully
  • The client should tell us of any condition that you know or should know that may affect our decision to accept you as a client for surgical procedures
  • No corrective procedures will be done within 6 months (to allow for normal recovery) and all procedures must be finalised within 1 year of the original surgery
  • The client follows all post-operative advice provided by surgeons, including minimum nights stay recommended after surgery,  medication recommendations, restricted activities, follow up care
  • Compression Garments are to have been worn the recommended time
  • You remained in Thailand for the recommended recovery period required for the named surgery
  • If a client has a complication then Medi Makeovers should be immediately advised including full details of that complication along with any evidence such as photos, medical reports or statements.
  • No procedures are done on the area by another surgeon
  • Our guarantee is only applicable to surgical procedures arranged by Medi Makeovers
  • Not applicable for non-surgical procedures or dental.
  • Not applicable to ‘inherent risks’ associated with surgery which are not a result of surgery error, including but not limited to: capsular contracture and skin rippling (in the case of breast implants), numbness and changes in sensation, asymmetry, dents or lumpiness results from Liposuction
  • Not applicable to changes associated with weight gain/loss or pregnancy since the surgery

Our guarantee is not applicable to high risk surgical category, including:

  • A client who smokes at least 3 months prior to surgery
  • Patients with cardiovascular disorders
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Patients taking medication, which may interfere with recovery such as HRT
  • Patients with keloid scarring problems
  • Patients outside of the normal Body Mass Index (BMI) range
  • Patients with blood pressure disorders

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