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Breast Augmentation!


Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Implant Type: 380cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone
Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Under, Half Over The Muscle)

Travel: With a travel buddy

Oh my gosh.. Thank you, thank you thank you!! From the first email I sent to enquire about breast augmentation to after surgery today, the entire process has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

Where do I start? I booked in my surgery mid year in 2013, so at the time if booking April 2014 felt like ages away. Time luckily went so quick and before I knew it I was off to Bangkok, to do something for myself that has honestly made me so happy.


After having 2 children, and breast feeding both, I hated my boobs. I felt uncomfortable in bikinis, some clothes and couldn't look at my reflection when I got out the shower. Yes I may sound hard on myself, but my boobs that were once nice and full, were empty sacks if skin. I did my research (and I mean I really looked into) with many companies offering what Medi Makeovers does. I sent off many enquiries, asked heaps of questions, read through reviews and watched YouTube. The prompt reply from my MM consultant, her professional responses and her genuine care about me (not just my money) was why I chose them as the right service for me. So in April 2014 (3 weeks ago now), my husband and I set off to Bangkok, leaving 2 kids behind for 2 weeks. Medi Makeovers took every single stress out of our holiday which I loved. We were met at the airport and taken in our chauffeured vehicle to our hotel. We had 4 days before surgery, just so we could explore and have a bit of a holiday. On the day of surgery, we were picked up again by our vehicle and taken to the Bangpakok hospital. I met with my surgeon, who is very serious, but so professional and I could tell he had plenty of experience so I really trusted him, which helped me feel at ease. We discussed implant size, he answered every question and concern I had.





The nurses- wow!! Some of the nicest, sweetest ladies I've ever met.The hospital rooms, well I prefer to call them hotel rooms and put some of the hospitals in Australia to shame. Surgery went so well, once I woke up, I was in no pain. Was able to walk to the toilet with ease. Believe it or not, the food was even good (plus a Starbucks in the hospital was a bonus).


After 2 nights, I was able (but sad) to leave. The nurses made sure I had sufficient pain killers and sleeping tablets and to be honest, I never felt much pain at all. We were driven to our next hotel.. The Grand Centre Point Terminal 21 Hotel, if I could rate this place out if 10, I give it 20! We felt like royalty. 32nd floor in a deluxe room with an amazing view. With Medi Makeovers, you get to eat breakfast in the Executive dining room. This buffet was incredible. I have come back to Oz 3kgs heavier and it's not because of the boobs. Yum!


Besides the breakfast, another highlight was the hotel being above an 8 story shopping centre. It has a supermarket on the bottom floor, some great clothes stores (including H&M) and 2 levels of restaurants at the top. I was able to walk around the day after surgery, nothing stops me from shopping. I had plenty of rest and recovered so so well. A week after surgery, we were taken back to see my surgeon to get my stitches out. I've never had stitches so I was a bit nervous. Before the surgeon came in the room, the nurses and I made a challenge, who could make him smile. He's that serious. He took my stitches out, which I didn't feel at all, and I managed a couple of smirks from him so I was happy. He said I had healed and recovered well and that was reassuring. Back to the hotel we went to prepare to leave the next day. We were so sad to leave but ready to see our kids. I'm a store manager in a retail store and started back straight away, so 10 days after surgery. I just made sure I didn't lift any thing heavy and I was fine. Sorry for this novel, but I truly am so happy about every part of my adventure to Bangkok. Love my new boobs and have gained so much confidence. I really want to thank my consultant for her assistance and I will highly recommend Medi Makeovers to any friend considering breast augmentation.

Yours truly, Brooke

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