Ellen's Knee Replacement

What type of surgery was required and how long had you been in pain?

I needed a right knee replacement, and I had been in pain for the last 6 years and could not really wait any longer.


How much were you quoted in Australia?



How much did it cost in Thailand (what hospital)?

$11,500AUD in total for my surgery and all the costs associated with the hospital, surgeon etc. And then $2,500 for flights and accommodation. I had my surgery at Bangpakok 9 International hospital with Dr Pibul Itiravivong [pictured above with Ellen].


How long did it take to decide to do it overseas - as in, were there any concerns, fears? I had been thinking about having this surgery for years, but wasn't able to due to family commitments. But when I was able to, I did my research and found very good reviews after being recommended to Medi Makeovers from my sister. I had concerns of the surgeon and nurses not speaking the language and if they would be able to understand me, but I have not had a issue with this as they speak very good English. I am allergic to penicillin so I was concerned how this would be managed but it was no issue at all for them.


Did anyone try to convince you not to have surgery overseas - doctors, family?

No luckily my doctor and my family supported my decision to have surgery in Thailand, I did my research and made the right decision.


How are you going now? How has your treatment been?

I am going ok, still in a bit of pain, but it's early days, feeling better than what I though I would, I am up and walking. Good ratio of nurses to patients, double than in Australia and great intercom in room so when you buzz the nurses they can ask what you need and bring it to you, rather then go back and forth. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a knee or hip replacement.


Surgery: Right Knee Replacement

Client Age: 56

Price quoted in Australia: $35,000AUD

Price Lauren paid with MM: $14,000AUD (including flights and 5 star accommodation).

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