Don’t want to travel alone? Never been overseas before? Want extra support during your surgery or dental trip?

Join Bangkok’s #1 Escorted Group Tour!

Medi Makeovers offer escorted groups for people who are looking for the additional reassurance of having one of the Medi Makeovers staff accompany them on their getaway and be in the company of others who will experience the same life changing experience.

Have you thought about having your cosmetic, dental or eye procedure but not comfortable to travel alone? If you are unsure about traveling alone, join one of our Escorted Groups and meet up with other clients. We make your surgical journey enjoyable and stress free. We can organise for you to join us in Bangkok, Thailand from wherever you are in the world.


Stay in an exclusive 5 Star Hotel – only available for group travel!


We coordinate all your airport/hotel/hospital transfers, flights, accommodation, surgery booking and tours.

This is the perfect solution for people not wanting to travel solo, people venturing abroad for the first time, or for those wanting to share their experience with others having the same procedure.


Medi Makeovers groups offer peace of mind for the solo traveller and also great friendships are created.

Our Medi Makeovers staff will personally be by your side giving you the extra assurance for everything from pre-op nerves and post-op recovery.


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Depending on your procedures, your stay will be 10 nights to 16 nights.


Medi Makeovers clients have the priceless advantage of having their whole Thai experience packaged into a holiday – like trip.  Our experts have personally checked out every detail of the surgeons, hospital, wellness resorts, hotel accommodations and recommended flight agents; through this we have achieved excellence in our field.  We offer no hidden charges and expert personalized service. You can relax with Medi Makeovers!


If you are interested in learning more about our group bookings, please register your interest and register by email click here to secure your place. Or email your consultant direct. Hurry bookings are limited!


Included in your tour is:


  •     Complimentary UPGRADE to Grande Deluxe Room

  •     FREE Breakfast in Executive Lounge

  •     Shopping Tours

  •     Spa + Beauty Packages

  •     Complimentary transfers to and from Bangkok airport and hotel/hospital transfers.

  •     We are available by telephone for any medical emergency – medical advise and treatment will always be administered by the surgeon or nurses of the hospital.

  •     Visits to your hotel after your surgery to ensure you are recovering well.

  •     We can arrange unlimited consultations with your surgeon. If required

  •     Transportation to and from the hospital, for your consultation and follow-up appointments.

  •     We undertake all hospital administration procedures to make it as stress-free when you arrive.

  •     We offer to organise appointments for non-surgical treatments including the skin clinic, LASIK centre, dentistry department, beauty and pampering.

  •     We assist you throughout your medical stay, including attending your consultations, assist with admission and discharge and other formalities with the hospital.

  •     We also visit you in hospital.

  •     Included in this tour is a group dinner and Siam Nirimat Cultural show and more!!!


$500 AUD Per Person

Luxury 5 Star Stay

Recover in luxury at the 5 star Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri. You will stay in your own room and will be able to access your Group Travel Manager at any time.

Extra Support

Perfect for those who have never travelled before, had surgery before or would just like some extra support on their getaway, Escorted Groups give you the extra peace of mind. You will be accompanied by an Experienced, Australian Medi Makeovers Client Manager, and be in the company of others sharing the same life-changing experience.

Extra Bonuses

You'll receive..

+ FREE One Hour Massage

+ Exclusive access to the BEST shopping Bangkok has to offer

+ Thai Cultural Show

+ Group Dinner


Group Travel Dates + Prices.



I loved the extra support Medi Makeovers gave me on the group. They made me feel comfortable and let me focus on my recovery whilst they looked after the little things.

- Katherine, Tummy Tuck

Zara (my Group Manager) came to see me in the hospital and I was extremely well looked after. It was a truly unique experience to share with strangers - and we are all still good friends that keep in touch.

- Tracie, Breast Lift + Augmentation

It was an absolutely amazing experience - and probably the first thing I have done for myself in a very long time. I would definitely recommend going on a group as you can relax and let MM take over for you.

- Sarah, Mummy Makeover

There is really no other way to have surgery! You can just focus on your recovery without having any partners or friends to worry about. You'll also have access to incredible shopping spots plus they'll even help you barter!

- Maree, Face Lift + Breast Lift with Augmentation

Terms and Conditions


Please note: By paying the escorted group fee you are agreeing to the following and also the Disclaimer below: You accept that this escorted group is in Bangkok, Thailand and your decision to join the group is yours alone and you are to stay at the designated hotel for the group.


This is a group situation and is not a one on one client service.


Medi Makeovers staff accompanying the escorted group are not medical professionals and any medical advice will be given only by nurses, doctors and medical staff.  Medi Makeovers staff are travel professionals (see our disclaimer below) and under no circumstances say we are medically trained. All care will be given in regard to your recovery and stay in Thailand but all medical services and advice will be administered only by the nurses, doctors and hospital staff only and their advice and direction have to take precedence over the group for your health care. If any information is passed on to you as a client of Medi Makovers from the surgeon, nurse or hospital, is not the opinion of Medi Makeovers and must be understood this is from the medical professional. If you would like to book a nurse or companion for 24 hour round the clock care, we are able to offer this service but extra charges will be incurred by the client. You must advise Medi Makeovers staff at any stage if you need medical attention while part of the group and Medi Makeovers will arrange medical care for you while recovering at the hotel.  No Refund will be given if cancellation occurs within one month of start of Escorted Group date.


Disclaimer: Medi Makeovers is a medical tourism facilitator and in providing any medical information to its clients and prospective clients relies on medical, surgical and other recommendations supplied by the hospitals and clinics in Thailand that Medi Makeovers is accredited with. Medi Makeovers provides this information to its clients and prospective clients on behalf of these hospitals and clinics and in good faith, however, this must not be construed as Medi Makeovers offering or providing medical advice. Regardless of the wording, no information expressed in this email is to be interpreted as Medi Makeovers or its personnel offering or providing medical advice or recommendations. The administration fee paid to Medi Makeovers is for services for you prior to your travel to Thailand, phone calls, correspondence by email and to arrange hotel bookings, transfers and for the coordination of your travel to Thailand. This fee is not an agreement or confirms that you will have surgery or dental when you arrive in Thailand. This decision is final from the hospital and dental clinic, and Medi Makeovers has no say or no responsibility in the actual procedure. The final decision about whether the patient is a candidate for the chosen procedure(s) will be made by the surgeon during the pre-surgery evaluation. Medi Makeovers does not offer any medical advice and is in no way liable for the actions of third parties. You are aware of and acknowledge the role of Medi Makeovers as described. By paying the escorted group fee, you further accept that the decision to have medical treatment abroad is your decision and that you are aware of any risks involved.Please note that the contents of this and any attachments are confidential. If you are not the intended recipient and have received this transmission in error please contact Medi Makeovers and delete all copies. You are not permitted to copy, disclose or use the content in any way.