Jodi's Amazing

Weight Loss Journey

"My name is Jodi Smith, I live in Regional Victoria and have 2 boys aged 11 and 9. I have been overweight my whole adult life, when I finished high school I was wearing a size 18. Like many of my generation, my early 20s were spent partying, drinking and eating fast food with little care for my health. I married my high school sweetheart and had 2 beautiful boys. Being a full time working Mum I found it difficult to dedicate time to my diet and excuse always putting my family before me.


As the boys got older I realised I was short changing them, I physically be the active Mum they deserved. Due to fear of failure I secretly started calorie counting. After a month I had dropped a massive 10kg, so I then started adding in nightly 5-10km walks after the boys were in bed. The weight continued to gradually come off and I then added jogging and weight training. After 10 months I had lost 54kg and was the lightest I can ever remember. I kept the weight off for 2 years and added more intense training such as crossfit, bootcamp and obstacle course racing. I felt amazing but my body did not reflect it. When I looked in the mirror it was a constant reminder of my old habits not my new lifestyle.


My husband and I decided to investigate surgical options to help with my excess skin. I spent months researching onshore and offshore options, surgeons and medical tourism companies. After contacting Medi Makeovers I knew instantly they were the right option for me. My consultant was so professional and prompt with all my questions (and there were lots) and I'd researched the hospitals and surgeons and felt really comfortable with my decision.


My experience with Medi Makeovers was above expectations. The hospital was more like a hotel, Dr. Rungkit had a beautiful bed side manner and was honest about my surgical options and potential results. The nurses were lovely and nothing was too much trouble. My MM Group Manager visited me in hospital and I had numerous visits with my surgeon and consultants during my 3 weeks in Thailand. After leaving hospital the 5 star hotel was amazing and I could relax with every luxury for my recovery. During my final week once feeling much stronger and comfortable I went shopping at the many markets and shopping centres, had massages and did a couple of short tours to the temples and floating markets at the end of my trip.


Overall the experience was purely amazing. My final surgery was inner upper thing lift, full tummy tuck, apron breast lift, round textured 350cc mentor implants placed dual plane. After returning to Australia my consultant has kept regular contact and has answered all my follow up questions in consultation with Dr. Rungkit. I would highly recommend potential clients to do their research, have realistic expectations and seek the professional advice from Medi Makeovers and the dedicated team of consultants and surgeons. My scars are still apparent but I know my body takes a while for scars to fade.


My surgery has most definitely been a success. I have healed so quickly and love my new smooth figure. I took it very easy in the initial months and really listened to my body, but still kept active with walking and ate healthy. After the initial 3-4 months I gradually added more to my workouts and now there is no stopping me. I am finally the confident active Mum to my boys, the Mum that runs, jumps, swims, rides and shoots hoops with them. I have just booked a family holiday to the Gold Coast and am excited to be able to get out confidently in swimmers with me boys.... Forever indebted to Medi Makeovers - Thank You So Much!" - Jodi




Procedures: Tummy Tuck, Apron Breast Lift With Nipple Lift, Breast Augmentation, Thigh Lift
Implant Type: 350cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone
Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Over/Half Under The Muscle)