Breast Augmentation!

After losing 10kg and going down 2 bra sizes I decided to get breast implants. I was a little nervous at first as I had never been to Thailand and was not sure about traveling to a "foreign" country. All my fears and hesitations were alleviated once I started dealing with my Australian Medi Makeovers consultant. She answered all of my questions, no matter how random or personal they were. She also took care of everything from my flights, accommodation and all transfers in relation to my stay for both me and my partner. I even had a nice man waiting for me at the airport holding a sign with my name on it to help my through customs. The whole trip was extremely organized.


Once we made our way through customs, we were picked up and taken to our hotel where we stayed for the first night. The hotel (Grande Centre Point) was amazing. On the first night we stayed on the 20th floor with an awesome view of the city and when we returned we were in an even better room on the 30th floor (the hotel is only 32 floors) so we felt pretty special with the quality of the accommodation.


Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Implant Type: 400cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone
Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Under, Half Over The Muscle)

Travel: Escorted Group Travel

There was a 6 storey shopping centre attached to the hotel and a roof top pool and various other facilities 6 floors up. A full buffet breakfast was included in our stay as well also. The next 2 nights were spent in the Hospital. Every step of the procedure and pre-tests were explained to me by an English speaking nurse with every nurse in my ward speaking English so there was never any confusion or language barriers. Although we did learn a small amount of Thai to show our appreciation as the Thai people are extremely friendly and caring so it was the least we could do.


My hospital room was quite large and provided plenty of space for both myself and my partner which was great as you don't really leave your bed for the 2 days you are there. Overall my experience with the surgeon, doctors and nursing staff was excellent, I even wanted to give them a hug when Ieft because they took such good care of me. The pain factor wasn't as big of a deal that I thought it would be. The main thing was the pressure on your chest, which is bearable just a little uncomfortable. The major thing for me was back pain due laying in the straight position on my back so bring someone that doesn't mind giving you a back rub :) My whole experience was absolutely fantastic.


Besides the first 2-3 days where I was a bit tired and uncomfortable, our days consisted of sleeping in late, going to free buffet breakfasts on the 5th floor, shopping and relaxing in aircon, having drinks by the pool, sunbaking, eating delicious food, getting massages, adventuring on the streets of Bangkok, doing a few tourist attractions and just plain relaxing. I would highly recommend Medi Makeovers due to my great, safe and friendly experience.




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