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Breast Augmentation!

I've had several friends who have booked and undergone cosmetic surgery in Thailand through Medi Makeovers, and they have all recommended Medi Makeovers. When I initially put my enquiries through in 2012, my consultant was very helpful and always promptly replied to my emails, no matter how trivial my questions were such as recommending massage parlours or hair dressers in Bangkok. She sent me emails about everything I could possibly wanted or needed to know about my surgery and the rest of my stay in Thailand. She made sure I felt cared for post surgery by emailing me to see how I was going. It was such a relief to have someone take care of every aspect of the surgery for me because god knows surgery is stressful enough without having to think of everything yourself!


A MM representative from the hospital, met my partner and I at the airport, and waited with us until the Hospital's transport arrived to deliver us to the residential ward of the Hospital, which is like a 3 star motel room on the higher levels of the Hospital building. This meant that the following morning, it was very easy to attend all the medical pre op appointments. The Hospital, whilst dated in some parts, was more than fine in others; it was clean and accessible, and I loved having my own serviced room which was like a hotel room, only not as luxurious. There was even a care package too, for the two nights hospital stay.


Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Implant Type: 225cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone
Implant Placement: Submuscular (Under The Muscle)

Travel: With a travel buddy


The nurses were all very friendly and always around when you needed them. They spoke adequate English, and for the medical tests/consultations, a Medi Makeovers consultant also attended with you. She was also contactable at any time if required. So, the whole way, you are supported in one form or another. Dr Chatpong was professional and took the time to answer all my questions. He gave me realistic expectations as to my results. The consultation was about 30 minutes to an hour, but we discussed everything that I wanted to discuss, and although I was understandably nervous, I felt reassured and excited. Dr Chatpong attended to me another two times, once to remove my drainage, and the other to remove my stitches. He got my brief of what I wanted perfectly.


Once discharged from the Hospital, we stayed at the Grande Centrepoint Terminal 21 in Sukhumvit. This was easily the most luxurious hotel I've ever been in, and I've been in a few. It made the whole week to rest and heal so much more relaxing and an utter joy. I loved every minute of the week's stay there. The Hospital also provided transport to and from the Hospital from the hotel for the check up to remove the stitches, as well as transport to the airport. Every essential detail like that really was taken care of. I can't say enough about how much of a relief this was to have all this service provided and at the quality in which it was provided. You really felt cared for and valued.


Upon my arrival back home, I was greeted by lovely messages in the mailbox from Medi Makeover welcoming me back and letting me know that they were still there for me - that was a lovely touch.Overall, I recommend booking your surgery through Medi Makeovers. The service provided outweighs the fees, from arranging the scar oil and compression bras, to being supportive, informative and in constant communication throughout the whole journey. IF I ever get surgery in Thailand again, say for my nose or something, I would not hesitate to book it all through Medi Makeovers again.

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