Lauren's Dental Transformation


Dental Destination: Bangkok

Treatment Plan:

  • 8 crowns

  • 1 Root canal Treatment

  • 22 fillings

  • 2 wisdom teeth extraction

  • Scailing and cleaning

  • Power Bleaching

  • 2 Palladium base Post/core

Price quoted in Australia: over $25,000AUD

Price Lauren paid with MM: 217,300THB | approx. $8,500AUD

Dental work in Australia is just way too expensive. I live in a small town and it's even more expensive there than it is in cities. The dentists [I've gone to] in Australia are really dodgy and I've had some bad dental work done by them. I had a lot of friends coming over to Thailand to have their teeth done and other procedures so I decided to look into it.


I was really nervous about having my dental work done, but as soon as I met my dentist in Bangkok my nerves eased. He was amazing and made me feel really comfortable - way better than any dentist I've ever seen in Australia. He talked to me during my procedures and even had a bit of music playing for me.


I stayed at the Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 - the hotel is amazing! The food is good, the pool is really nice, the rooms are really nice and all the staff are really welcoming - they always say hello when you come in. I've really enjoyed staying here and I definitely want to stay here again. 

As I've had just extensive dental work done, I haven't had too much time to explore - although we've been to the Ancient City and Red Sky Bar. I've done A LOT of shopping - at the markets and in Terminal 21. Terminal 21 is really good and so easily accessible from the hotel - literally a door away. We've been eating out at all different kinds of places and enjoying different kinds of foods.


To anyone wanting to come to Bangkok for dental work, don't be scared. Everyone from the hotel, to the dentist, to Medi Makeovers just make you feel so comfortable. I was so scared and nervous coming over here, also because I've never been to Thailand before, but I would have no dramas coming back and having more work done!


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