Breast Augmentation


Procedures: Breast Augmentation

Implant Type: 325cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone

Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Under/Half Over The Muscle) 

Travel: With a travel buddy

My name is Linda; I am currently 25 years old, living in Melbourne. In September, I traveled to Thailand and had a breast augmentation done in Bangkok in which was organised through Medi Makeovers. I’m currently 2 weeks post op and I love the results and experience I had- everything went very smoothly.


I’m well aware of the many sceptical thoughts that people have in regards to surgery overseas, however as I’ve had many friends have cosmetic surgery in all various parts of the world with great results, I decided to pursue cosmetic surgery abroad. Previously I had done my research in regards to having a BA in Melbourne but found the prices to be very dear.


As a part of a birthday gift to myself, I found Medi Makeovers through friends and arranged to have my breast augmentation in Thailand. I booked this approximately 9 months in advance with my consultant – throughout the 9 months she kept in contact with me, arranged my consultation, reminded me of important dates and arranged my transportation, gave me tips about shopping and leisure in Bangkok and made sure that I was well informed. I appreciated her efforts to go above and beyond for me to make sure I was comfortable and prepared for travel and surgery.


On arrival in Bangkok I stayed at the Grande Centrepoint Hotel at terminal 21 as arranged through Medi makeovers. The staff were lovely and prompt, the food was excellent and the venue is better than any 5 star hotel that you would find here in Australia. I was surprised with a birthday cake by the staff on the evening of my birthday; which was such a wonderful gesture and showed that they really do take care for their clients.


My surgery was performed by my surgeon; everything went very smoothly - I remember being taken into the theatre room and waking up in recovery with minimal discomfort. My surgeon suggested 325 cc high profile dual plane under the breast incision would be best for my body type and I agreed. I stayed at the Bangkok 9 hospital for 3 days and was very well catered for; in particular as I am a picky eater! Everything I requested ie. Lactose –free, vegetarian, non-diary, no rice, gluten-free: It was accommodated and I was grateful for it. The director of the hospital even made a personal visit to my room to greet me and wish me well! I can say that’s something you probably wouldn’t get back in Australia.


I returned to the hotel and once again it was a wonderful experience for the rest of my stay. I kept in contact with my consultant from MM and the hotel staff were very understanding of my needs as I was post op; they supplied me with many pillows and suggestions for light leisure activities that I could do.Transport to and from the hospital and airport was arranged by MM and they were ALWAYS on time, down to the very minute!


Overall my experience with MM and the hospital has been excellent and I truly cannot fault them. I would definitely use their services again in future and recommend it to friends and family. I understand the many worries that people have in regards to surgery overseas, but reality is that it is becoming very common due to this exact reason – the 5 star experience that you would never get back home at a small fraction of the price.

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