Pregnancy and Weight Gain can be tough on a woman's body. Changes such as rapid weight gain (and subsequent loss), to ever-expanding skin with pregnancy - most of us have some degree of battle scarring to show for it. Your body is now looking a lot different to what you want to see. You are very proud of what your body has been through but you now want to give back to yourself and are looking to what has been termed the “Mummy Makeover”. This is the term given to a combination of common surgical procedures that are used to help women regain their pre-pregnancy figure and have become very popular with women of all ages who want to get their confidence back after giving birth or after large weight loss.



During pregnancy, abdominal muscles are stretched and separated to accommodate the growing baby. For many women, the muscles never completely return to their original position and remain at least somewhat separated, a condition known as diatasis recti; in more severe cases, the muscles remain separated so significantly that the woman may actually still look pregnant. And second, compounding the problem is the lax, loose skin that often occurs when a belly has been stretched to the limit for nine months. Another area of the body that’s often affected during pregnancy or weight gain is the breasts. The strain of carrying around all that extra weight can very easily cause your breasts to sag and lose their natural shape. Fortunately, this can be easily rectified – either in the form of a breast lift or breast enhancement. A breast lift will help to restore the shape to your breasts while maintaining their natural size. Many women will opt for breast enhancement as well, so that can not only get the shape back but also extra size too.

We have packages to suit all your needs:

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A. Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift & Breast Augmentation

B. Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation


See the list of inclusions:

Bring a friend/partner for Free - they can stay in your room for no extra costs  

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LUXURY Package 1 - 5 Star Glamorous Accommodation Package - Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit 55 Hotel, Right in the heart of Bangkok in the Chic Thonglor area - Signature Deluxe Room with Breakfast in Executive Lounge for 2 persons

A. DISCOUNT PRICE AUD $18,100 - Normally AUD $20,100

B. DISCOUNT PRICE AUD $14,600 - Normally AUD $17,100

LUXURY Package 2 - 5 Star Stunning Accommodation Package  - Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 Hotel package, right in the heart of Bangkok on the famous Sukhumvit Road in the beautiful Asok area, Open the door in the foyer and enter in the Fantastic Terminal 21 Shopping Centre and attached to the easy to use Skytrain - the best for recovery from surgery - Deluxe Premium King Room with Breakfast in Executive Lounge for 2 persons

A. DISCOUNT PRICE AUD $18,400 Normally AUD $20,550

B. DISCOUNT PRICE AUD $14,900 Normally AUD $17,500

*Flights not included (you can search the best prices yourself or use your points or we can book them for you - our rep is Flight Centre)

Package Includes:

Breast implants Round (Mentor) up to 500cc

Breast lift - anchor, lollipop or periareola techniques

Full Tummy Tuck

14 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast in Executive for up to 2 persons (so bring a travel buddy for free)

FREE Scar Oil

FREE compression garments x 2 sets - Breast and Tummy garments (Wash one wear one)

FREE airport transfers and hotel/hospital transfers

FREE visits by nurse to hotel room

FREE Complimentary mini bar daily


FREE late check out to 3pm

FREE dental consultation - if requested


Package 3 - Beautiful 4 star accommodation Package - Sacha Hotel Uno - Premier King room with breakfast for 2 persons, right in the heart of Bangkok and 1 minute walk to the Famous Terminal 21 Shopping Centre and Asok Skytrain - everything at your doorstep

A. DISCOUNT PRICE - AUD $17,300 - Normally AUD $19,550 

B. DISCOUNT PRICE - AUD $13,750 - Normally AUD $16,450

*Flights not included 

Package Includes:

Breast implants Round (Mentor) up to 500cc

Breast lift - anchor, lollipop or periareola techniques

Full Tummy Tuck

14 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast in Executive Lounge for up to 2 persons (so bring a travel buddy for free)

FREE Scar Oil  

FREE compression garments x 2 sets - Breast and Tummy garments (Wash one wear one)

FREE airport transfers and hotel/hospital transfers

FREE visits by nurse to hotel room


FREE dental consultation - if requested

FREE late check out to 2pm


Please note:

Deposit of AUD $1,000 upon surgery date confirmation - Balance of package to be paid in full at least 4 weeks prior to surgery date.

With Medi Makeovers, you won't have to compromise on quality of care. Our affordable breast surgery packages are created to your needs and wants. 

To find out if you are a candidate for surgery, begin your free surgery assessment today. 


With Medi Makeovers, you won't have to compromise on quality of care. Our affordable breast augmentation packages are created to your needs and wants.



To find out if you are a candidate for a breast augmentation, begin your free surgery assessment today. 

STEP ONE: Please complete our surgery medical form and submit photos so our surgeons can give you a free assessment.

HOW TO BOOK: Once you have received your free surgery assessment, you can request a surgery date, Once confirmed by the surgeon, AUD$1,000 deposit is required to secure the date and the package or your choice

PACKAGE CONDITIONS: Our surgeon must confirm the actual procedures from your submitted Surgery Medical Form and Photos. The package may change from your original choice if the surgeon confirms other procedures i.e a Breast Reduction may be needed, not just implants. Final payment of package costs must be paid 4 weeks prior to sugery date. Hotel dates may not be available at the time of your surgery request - so we are subject to availability - But due to our long history with our hotels, they usually do try to fulfill all requests, if possible. 

Buddy Conditions: The above packages offer no extra charge for one other person in the hotel, Airport transfers are included for your buddy, only if they travel on the same flights. If they arrive or depart on another flight, then there is extra charge for their airport transfers. So you can bring a friend or family member with you for free, flights extra.

Payment Plans: TLC can help with arranging your payment plan, you can chose to add only the package price, or you can add your flights to this too. CLICK HERE for payment details

Surgery Procedures: The above packages are for standard breast augmentation procedures up to 500cc round implants only and Breast lift and full Tummy Tuck only. If Teardrop implants are requested, or an Extended Tummy Tuck is needed, or Breast Reduction, there is an extra charge. Please refer to the surgeons assessment for you to confirm your procedures. Extra charges apply if further pre operation tests are needed outside of normal standard tests.

Cancellation Policy: The deposit paid once the surgery date is confirmed is non-refundable. However, if you rebook a new date within 6  months, the deposit may be used towards the new surgery date. Please note, that the actual package price may change when changing your surgery date. Please refer to full cancellation terms on invoice of deposit.

Package Prices: Please note that the above prices are in Australian Dollars - This price may fluctuate if you are in another country. Payments must be received in Australian Dollars. Payment for the packages does not 100% confirm that you will have surgery - it is very important to give all correct details (such as medication and surgery history) on the information provided to the surgeon, If when in Bangkok, it is found that other issues arise and the surgeon decides not to go ahead with the surgery, you will be refunded a certain amount within 30 days or your return based on how much of the package has be used. Medi Makeovers simply assist in making the introductions to medical professionals and attends to securing hotel bookings and flight arrangements.  Any issues which arise from your medical procedure must be addressed with the qualified medical professional and the hospitals administrators who you consulted and who provided the treatment.  As a medical tourism facilitator Medi Makeovers are not qualified nor is it their role to advocate on my behalf on these issues of the actual surgery procedures. 

Flights:  Flights are not included in the package prices, however we can arrange this for you with our rep at Flight Centre, who can match prices you find yourself. We do not include flights due to changes in Peak and Off Peak times, our clients come from many countries and some clients wish to use their Points for flights.

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  • Package offered to medically healthy and appropriate candidates

  • Additional costs may apply if extras are added due to candidates medical condition or if surgeon requests further tests

  • Package above is for 10 nights only - extra charges if you wish to add extra nights in the hotel or if you wish to upgrade the rooms. We can book extra rooms if you wish to bring other friends or family - we will offer you special hotel rates.

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