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Breast Augmentation

WOW! Medi makeovers! You made me speechless! The best decision I’ve made in my life. I’ve been wanting to get a BA since I was 17. But at that young age they probably don’t encourage to get a BA. I’m 25 now and really happy with what I look into the mirror. I’ve never had a decent size breast and I’m always self-conscious about myself and not looking good in bikinis and nice backless dresses or outfits that don’t require wearing a bra. One day I was browsing through Facebook and the majority of my girlfriends were liking MM Facebook page and it came out on my newsfeed. I went through it and I told myself I have to make this happen. As per usual I did my research and without hesitation I went and contacted them to get more details. My consultant from MM got back to me in no time! I was surprised how quick and efficient she was on answering to all of my questions and needs. Everything was organised transports and accommodation.

I went from an A-cup size and now I’m a D-cup. I had High Profile Cohesive Gel Silicone, Dual Plane, Round Implants 275cc on my left and 300cc on my right to make it symmetrical. My partner and I, we were put up at Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21. It was the best spot and was also centralised. From food to shopping to public transports you name it was all walking distance.


I’m really impressed with the professionalism and friendly nurses/staffs of the hospital and hotel. They were BRILLIANT! Excellent English too! I wish I could continue to have that privilege and treatment till this day haha! Not forgetting the cute and funny Bangkok Client Manager for Medi Makeovers Miss Bo! I remembered the day I got out from the recovery room after my surgery and moved back to my ward few minutes later came Miss Bo walking in that door and it just puts a big smile on my face! 3rd March 2015, Tuesday the date and day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m currently 7 weeks post op and no regrets! I actually forgot to mention this was my first visit to Thailand so it was a good excuse to go there and also get out from the red dirt. Living in an outback town (Karratha, WA) was never a pleasant place. I would definitely recommend Medi Makeovers and no more second thoughts for me to go through them again in the future for more surgeries.


Hats off to all of you who got involved and made my overseas medical travel wonderful, memorable and a smooth journey. Thank you so so much for everything! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!


Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Implant Type: 275cc (left side) 300cc (right side) Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone
Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Under, Half Over The Muscle)

Travel: With a travel buddy



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