After 13 years as Australia and New Zealand's Original leading medical travel agency, we're offering you no agency fees!

That's right! No more agency fees! You will receive all of Medi Makeovers’s personalised Agency Services now for NO additional agency fee (usually $250-350)! Applies to all New Bookings from 6 February 2016.


Our (now FREE!) services include:

The most experienced and knowledgeable medical travel consultants, 24 hour availability - 7 days a week, ALL booking arrangements for you and your travel companions, Medi Makeovers support staff in Thailand (Australian and Thai), no surgery price markups as you'll pay the exact same price as booking direct with hospitals, exclusive surgery and dental travel packages, exclusive Medi Makeovers Partner Hotels & Resorts who are experienced with our Medical Travel clientele, flights & travel arrangements, all the info you need for your trip, access to our private Medi Makeovers client community, post-procedure support, Fully Escorted Group Travel + more!


Don’t chance it with alone or with agencies who spend bucket loads on advertising and hiding negative reviews. Always book overseas surgery through a reputable major medical travel agency that has been in business for years and has an excellent reputation with clients/patients/surgery outcomes - as well as an established reputation in the destination you are travelling to. Unfortunately there are many agencies who claim to be a sister-company of Medi Makeovers, however this is false. We are the original and  independently owned and operated, and ONLY operated under Medi Makeovers. We are 100% online as we are NOT your medical professional (surgeon or dentist) and we cannot, and will not, give you personalised advice when it comes to your surgery or dental procedures. We are the ONLY medical travel agency to liase directly with our medical professionals (not through hospital or dental clinic sales teams) and your information is kept completely confidential at all times. You will receive your personal surgery or dental assessment/s back faster than any other agency. Our team is available to you at all times, as we work across many different time zones to service our clients - and we know that organising medical travel can be difficult to you whilst you are at work.


We are 100% Australian owned and have experienced consultants nationwide. Once you arrive in Thailand (where your procedures will take place), we have dedicated office in Bangkok. According to the Thailand Tourism Authority, Medi Makeovers IS the leading Medical Travel Agency, and has been since 2005. Due to the thousands of happy Australian and New Zealand clients we have, Thailand Tourism has put Medi Makeovers at the forefront of their media relations, and has done so since 2007. Medi Makeovers is the ONLY agency to work directly with the Thai-Consulate General in Australia - organising multiple media trips to Thailand, helping to organise major Thai Cultural events in Australia and to preserve the correct way of facilitating Medical Tourism.


Our experienced Australian team spends a lot of time in Thailand to ensure your experience is flawless and exceeding expectation. MM has set up the International Plastic Surgery departments of 3 JCI Accredited Hospital is Thailand. We have dedicated surgeons and dentists that choose to work solely with us, as we inform all of our clients of everything they will need to know before they leave, whilst they are there and when they return home.


Medi Makeovers is the FIRST & ONLY Australian Medical Travel Agency to provide Fly Back Cover for ALL surgery and dental procedures!


Medi Makeovers is the FIRST & ONLY Australian Medical Travel Agency to provide Fly Back Cover for ALL surgery and dental procedures!



Enquire about your medical trip with Australia's longest running & most experienced medical travel agency today!