Are you looking for a powerful new direction in your life?

We would love you to join us with our wonderful speakers for our next amazing Retreat with this amazing team: September 13th – 15th 2019

GOLD COAST - AUSTRALIA - 2 nights/3 days – arriving from 4pm on Friday 13th until Sunday 15th 2019 4pm – Gold Coast, Queensland.

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Join us on this Empowering, Womens Only Retreat, in September and for all women, including mums and friends who are stressed out, overwhelmed or just feel that they need a break and a bit of a laugh. You will have an amazing time, release blockages and gain personal strength and happiness, and relax, restore and be with like minded women. ​

(Don’t worry we will be offering other retreats men and women and also couples very soon)

Activities include meditation, nature walks, personal development sessions, manifestation and vision board as well as great food, good company, all meals and time to chill out too.


Enjoy the weekend with the following amazing guest speakers:

David Laws – Australia’s Famous Flower Reader, Renown Psychic, Mentor and Fabulous Story Teller

Tricia Sharkey - Global Heal Your Life Teacher/Mentor and Life Coach, International Teacher and Practitioner of Colour Therapies, Massage Teacher and Energy Healer

Dani Pratico – Founder of Medi Makeovers, My Divine Retreats and Mentor on Soul Mate Journeys









This retreat offers accommodation – Private, twin and share options – or if you do live in the Gold Coast or elsewhere and have your own accommodation  and want to attend on  Saturday and Sunday, we also have options for you without accommodation – you attend on Sat/Sun 9am-4pm (please see prices section) Also please see early bird discounts to save $$ Book Early as this retreat is filling fast!. Please contact us if you wish to share a room with others and we can match you up – we really would like you to join us – don’t feel you need to find a friend or family member to join this retreat, or you can have a private room – it is all about options for you all. This is a great way to meet like-minded women.


David Laws:

Friday Night – September 13th – For women who are staying at the retreat only – you will be treated to an amazing night with David and embrace a Flower Reading - be thoroughly entertained by The Famous Flower Man with his uncanny ability in divining your life through a beautifully channelled flower reading (which you can record if you wish) . . . it'll be an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter & spellbinding spiritual fascination! Flower reading combines the ancient art of psychometry with the blending of the divine essences of the deva spirit associated with the flower chosen and the uniquely beautiful essence of YOU. Many people are amazed and quite pleasantly surprised at the spiritual guidance they receive through David' s amazing flower channellings!
Each participant must bring along a freshly pick flower or garden foliage chosen by only you. Your chosen item doesn't have to be from your own garden and should be picked on the day of the reading. Once selected, imbue the item with your breath and place it into a paper bag and bring it to the group session, make sure you write a number or symbol on the outside of the paper bag so you know this is your flower when chosen (do not write your name). PLEASE ensure that the symbol on the bag is large enough for David to be able to read.

Manifestation and Vision Board – 2 x sessions – Saturday and Sunday

You will learn how to create a truly Magical life through harnessing the power of The Universe.

David be guiding you every step of the way & sharing all his wisdoms & experiences & showing you EXACTLY how he manifested the incredibly happy & rewarding life he leads today!
David will be showing you how to create a powerful vision board (seriously, they REALLY WORK & he will show you what happened on his!) also how to write the most effective list to The Universe that literally works as a Universal command to attract whatever you desire into your life.
This will be a truly relaxing & fun filled time spent with some great like-minded souls that’ll be jam packed with great information & knowledge that David has gleaned & implemented over the years. David loves sharing his knowledge & showing you exactly how he turned his life around so dramatically just a few short years ago! You will be doing your own vision board and will begin your own manifestation book – that you will continue adding to even after you leave our retreat.

(please bring magazines – as many as you can to share as well – as they are used for your vision boards – but all other material will be supplied as part of the retreat)


Tricia Sharkey:

2 sessions – Saturday and Sunday. Tricia has travelled extensively throughout Australia, Europe, Japan and Indonesia teaching and conducting workshops empowering people to re-member to Love and accept themselves as they are through the power of colour. 
Her main aim in life is to connect people with their true potential, inspiring them to live their life in a meaningful way and to embrace their own unique gifts and talents".
She has recently Co-Founded a company called Drop into Life that works with the transformational power of colour and essential oil therapy and co-created a tool kit that can support you in everyday life. You will have an amazing time with Tricia – a very unique experience
"You are the colours you Love" Understanding Your Unique Colour Code
In this powerful workshop you will be given tools to unlock your hidden treasures, understand your gifts and talents and master your colour energy vibration. 
You will enhance your life by identifying the emotions and mental aspects of colours
How these colours play out in your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually 
How colour can support you every day in your colour choice from clothing, home decor etc.
You will be amazed at how much colour says about you.

You will also be able to purchase Tricia's Drop into Life Colour Care Kit as part of these sessions to take home and continue to help you work through and enhance your life’s’ journey. (Cost is $99)


Dani Pratico:

2 sessions: Saturday and Sunday. Dani has worked with many medical professionals over the last 15 years in Australia and Thailand and is involved in the wellness industry. Educator not a counsellor 😉

Who are our Soul Mates and are we connected with them from a Past life?? When we’re searching for love it can feel like an uphill battle. We’re looking for that deep connection. The spark, the attraction, the passion. The irony is we’re living in a time where to truly connect with people is more difficult than it’s ever been, a problem infinitely compounded when entering the world of “online dating.” Or you may just want something better for yourself, with family and friends or work colleagues. Is there really just the one soul mate for us? Understanding who are your Soul Mates and how to work with them on a daily basis. You may not be in a relationship currently or you may be, but Dani is sure you would like to be living with great soulful relationship. You will learn who are the main 4 types of Soul Mates in your life and how to understand them and how to move forward with them. Understanding Soul Mates can help you attract a great relationship and stop making mistakes in love. Learn about the different kinds of soul mates and have they can affect your choice of partner, discover how to stop picking the wrong partners and how to attract the right one. How to break destructive patterns and build personal power and move on with less pain and more power! You will be given written information and will be involved in an action plan workshop. Lots of fun and insightful information to be had.


Prices – Please see Early Bird Price for Retreat – to be paid by July 31st

We strongly advise you all to stay at the Retreat (until booked out) as you will receive complimentary add ons such as the Flower Reading night with the amazing David Laws,  and also will be at dinners with our 3 guest speakers each night and will be able to hear stories and also meet new people and make new friends.

Stay September 13th – 15th 2019 or 14th – 15th September (Retreat Only)

Payment details

  • Early Bird prices must be paid in full upon booking

  • Full price payments – deposit is 50% to be paid upon booking with balance due August 26th


There are limited numbers for people who only want to join the retreat on the Saturday 14th  and Sunday 15th September 9-4pm only and do not want to stay at the Retreat

  1. Retreat Only Cost: $450 Early Bird Price $397  save $53! – includes Lunch and morning and afternoon tea/coffee, snacks and drinks. Materials all supplied for workshops

  2. Accommodation Costs then add Retreat costs



- If you have special dietary requirements or allergies, please advise us

- We will not be suppling alcohol as part of the retreat - You are allowed to bring a few extra special drinks!! along if you would like to enjoy throughout the retreat. But please note that we do not advise too much as we would like this weekend to be as clean as possible.


Inclusions for Retreat only:

Lunch, drinks, coffee and tea, snacks throughout the day at breaks

All materials needed for workshops – such as books, pens etc

Extra Inclusions for Accommodation guests only:

Full meals – Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, coffee and tea, drinks and snacks throughout the day at breaks

Friday night Flower Reading Event with David Laws

Dinner and fun on Saturday night - lots of laughs and discussions for sure!

Meditation sessions 

David Laws Tricia Sharkey Dani Pratico