Bangkok Facelift

I found out about Medi Makovers in 2014 from a girlfriend, who had heard about it through another girlfriend. In May 2014 I made an enquiry and provided the requested photos. I wanted to stop looking tired when I was feeling great!! After providing my photos, it was recommended that I have an upper and lower eye lift, mid-face lift and neck lift. Still feeling hesitant, I contacted my Medi Makeovers Consultant, and asked if there was any possibility I could meet the doctor while on a 2 day Bangkok stopover. This was all arranged by Kerri, and I met with the surgeon.


Dr Rungkit was delightful. This was my first glimpse of the hospital and the staff there. When walking into the hospital, it is easy to make the mistake that you are in the foyer of a five star hotel! The staff were all genuinely pleased to assist, and their personal presentation was so polished!! No polo t-shirts and utility pants!! These were the first impressions of how I would be looked after. (and I was not in the least bit wrong or disappointed - the staff were sensational!!)

Everything was five star - including the hospital transport van!! I came home and did some more research. I googled these procedures in general, to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons. I also spoke with my girlfriend who for the last few years has been managing my botox and fillers. She also supported my decision to have the surgery. As what I was spending annually was half the price of the recommended surgery. Medi Makovers was the answer.


I decided to go on their escorted group, only because I thought it beneficial to be sharing the experience with a group of people who are all there for surgery This decision also made my friends and family more at ease with my decision to be going overseas for surgery. I met with my GP and also advised him of my intentions, he was also very supportive and spoke highly of the surgeons.


Kerri Graham was the escort for the group. A perfect ambassador for Medi Makovers. Her bubbly personality, combined with her business like approach had a group of women of varying personalities, booked in for dentistry, transportation, surgery, group breakfast, and following everyone's surgery Kerri was constantly following up with each of us to find out how we were feeling, was there anything she could get or do for us.


The hotel accommodation used by Medi Makeovers are also five star hotels. My room had a small kitchenette, washing machine, and most importantly, king size luxurious bed!! The fridge was restocked daily with water bottles (at no charge). I am an ex flight attendant, so I know good quality hotels when I see them!! You will not be disappointed with the hotel! Depending on your surgery, if capable, the gym facilities, although limited, where top of the range. The hotels selected by Medi Makeovers, are well positioned to Bangkok CBD shopping malls, and most importantly, traditional Thai massages, where you can get a foot massage any night at 9.00pm for 250-300 Baht (that's about AUD $9 - $11) for an HOUR! which is just what you need at the end of the day, so you can return to your room relaxed and ready for sleep!


My family were concerned that I was going 'overseas' for surgery. They were concerned that what if something went wrong? You will be on your own, how will you manage? Medi Makeovers answered these questions before embarking on this journey, and while I was there. At no time did I feel concerned that something might go wrong, and I never had to worry about being on my own - I had Kerri Graham, my group escort, who would enquire each day from each of us how we were feeling, did we need to go back to the hospital, did we have any concerns that we wanted to discuss with the doctor. And this continues now that I am home!


I would and have already done so, recommend Medi Makeovers to anyone. Just one thing - do it for you and nobody else. Thank you Medi Makeovers, and thank you Daniela Pratico for creating Medi Makeovers!

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Procedures: Mid Face Lift, Neck Lift, Upper & Lower Eyelid Lift

Travel: Escorted Group Travel