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Breast Lift + Augmentation, Extended Tummy Tuck + Liposuction

I had the best experience EVER with Medimakeovers, I wanted this operation more then anything in this world, losing 60kgs and carrying around all that loose skin for years dragged me down both literally and figuratively. Having the chance to go to Bangkok for half the price and with a company I have heard great things about put my mind at ease about the whole thing. Having surgery in another country at first sounded so scary for me but speaking with my consultant, I felt like I was in good hands. Once I was in Bangkok I stayed in a beautiful 5* hotel Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri, nothing was to much to ask and the Hospital had better nurses than in Australia!

Nothing was to much for the nurses and they never complained or sighed once even just to pick up something I had dropped on the floor for me! The escorted tour gave me a chance to meet people from all over Australia and I can't imagine now not having them in my life, we formed such a close bond all going through the same thing and having each other to support and help each other out. 

If you're going alone I would definitely recommend the escorted tour and having the knowledge from Toni and Daniela on where to go and what to see in Bangkok was so helpful. I already have two friends booked to go within the next year for surgery through Medimakeovers. 10/10



Tummy Tuck

My husband suggested I consider Thailand, what a brilliant idea!!

I investigated a few companies on the internet. One was too new, one had gone out of business and then there was Medi Makeovers. I made a few enquiries and kept receiving such prompt and concise answers that I was hooked.

Any and every question I had was answered quickly (even on weekends—thanks KIM), and appropriately. The more I read, investigated and asked the more comfortable I became. So, about 6 months later I was off to Bangkok to have my procedure done.

I was amazed at the service—both at home and in Bangkok. From the airport pick up, the hospital transfers, appointments and consultations to the airport drop off. It all ran like clockwork.

Now, while I was nervous, as I had travelled on my own, and the language barrier existed (slightly – but helped by the Medi Makeovers girls in Bangkok) I could not have been happier. The hospital standards were just as good as any at home and the surgeon (Dr Rungkit) was lovely and made me feel at ease.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Medi Makeovers to anyone who was interested.



Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck

My journey began 6 months ago while researching overseas surgery... I had been wanting to have these procedures done for years and finally got the courage to contact Kim at Medi Makeovers. It was the best decision I ever made – from first contact I was guided through each step and couldn’t speak more highly of my experience.

I’m a mother of 3 adult girls, 2 c sections and years of breast feeding had taken its toll on my body so after years of gym and weight training I knew it was time. Once in Bangkok everything went smoothly and was very well organised. I was guided through by the wonderful Miss James and my nerves were put at ease once Dr Rungkit proceeded with consult. Dr Rungkit is wonderful and the nursing staff were very helpful nursing. Surgery was Jan 18th, 2015 and I’m currently 6 weeks post op.

I would highly recommended anyone who is considering overseas surgery to contact Medi Makeovers. My daughter and I stayed at Sasha Uno hotel which was wonderful with helpful staff and only short walk to shopping mall. I couldn’t have had a better hospital stay was extremely well looked after. I’m recovering well and looking forward to getting back on track at the gym.



Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

I made the decision to go to Thailand for a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty when two of my close friends came back incredibly happy with their surgery. In 2013 contacted a few medical tourism companies as well as one of Bangkok’s hospitals direct. I finally made the decision to book through Medi Makeovers as Kim replied to my emails quickly and provided me with all the information I needed.

I received a full quote from the Doctor in Bangkok within a couple of days. Kim also followed up with me numerous times over the course of about 8 months to see if I was ready to go ahead with the surgery, and I appreciated that. In June 2014 I paid my deposit for the August escorted group tour, as I was travelling alone and wanted to meet other people going through the same experience.

From start to finsih my time in Bangkok was incredible. I was collected from the airport in a private van and escorted to a serviced apartment at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital. The facilities were very modern and I had a beautiful view of the city from my 9th floor. The hospital was pristine and I felt like I was home in Australia. My private ward had an ensuite bathroom, television, fridge, couch, and desk. I had never stayed in hospital before, or even had surgery, but I felt completely confident after meeting my doctor, Dr Chatpong, and witnessing his knowledge and professionalism.

All of the hospital staff were incredibly kind and made me feel very welcome. After the surgery I was in a lot of discomfort, but I had nurses checking on me regularly, and they attended to me quickly whenever I called. There was a Starbucks in the lobby and the staff brought me coffee and pastries when I asked. I loved being in hospital for the three nights, as myself and two of the other girls spent time together and bonded while we recovered from surgery. I’m glad I had 24 hour access to nurses while I was there as it was very difficult to sleep, eat, get up, and move around in the first few days following the breast augmentation.

I then checked into the Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri with the escorted tour, which was by far the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The hotel room had 41st floor views of the city, and boasted the facilities of a serviced apartment with 24 hour room service. Each morning we enjoyed an included breakfast and our tour guides took us out to see Bangkok.

I visited a number of amazing shopping centres which were just like the Westfield malls in Australia. We also had some included group dinners at great places around Bangkok. There were numerous massage parlours near the hotel so I booked in for a foot or neck massage almost daily for around $10 each time. I will definitely be heading back to Bangkok through Medi Makeovers next time I want dental work done. In 30 years they may have me back for a bit of botox and a face lift.

I was incredibly impressed with the service, knowledge, and carefully chosen hospitals, surgeons, and hotel. Dr Chatpong did an amazing job and I have received nothing but compliments since I’ve returned to Australia. Five weeks on, I’m healing nicely with no complications and my breasts and nose are looking and feeling more natural as swelling resides. My bust has gone from a 12A to a 10DD. People have even noticed that my confidence and happiness levels are through the roof. I have decided to train for a fitness modelling competition, because I finally love what I see in the mirror!

I would and have recommend Medi Makeovers to anyone wanting a 5 star medical experience overseas, with a wonderful holiday at the same time. Make the decision to invest in this for yourself, you won’t regret it!!



Tummy Tuck

My surgery, Tummy Tuck, was straightforward and I am recovering quite well (apart from catching a cold when I got home). Thank you so much for all the great organising you did for us. Everything ran smoothly for me from our pick-up at the airport (thank you Tommy) till drop-off back at airport. Miss James, your coordinator, is an absolute angel – she is so helpful and cheerful. She would brighten anyone’s day. The nurses at the hospital were very caring and kind. Dr Rungkit is lovely and what a job he did!! Even the transfer driver was attentive – helping me out of the bus after the operation. The staff at Grande Centre Point were just lovely. The lady at corporate check-in desk, Miss Knack, is just wonderful.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I am so pleased with the results. I will definitely recommend Medi Makeovers and my consultant Kerri!

Thanks again for everything – Caroline



Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

Surgery: breast augmentation, full tummy tuck, rhinoplasty (correction of a deviated septum, hump removal and tip reshaping) Surgeon: Dr Rungkit

July escorted group 2014

My experience:

From the time I made my first enquiry through Medi Makeovers, I found them friendly, professional and efficient. Kim phoned me within 20 minutes of my first email. From that point on, she answered all my questions, (I had a lot) and organised my trip, surgery date, flights etc. I loved that it was an Australian based company and nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

When I arrived in Thailand I was fairly nervous, I had breakfast with my consultant that morning and felt a lot more at ease by the time we headed to the hospital (Piyavate)

I met with Dr Rungkit who is a sweet and happy man, forgot all the questions I wanted to ask so I’m glad I had a Medi makeovers consultant with me prompting me to ask questions. We chose 350 cc high profile implants, discussed the desired outcome of my rhinoplasty and tummy tuck. When I left I felt very comfortable with my surgeon and surgery choices.

After surgery the hospital staff were lovely, the nurses are really cute, very helpful and my 5 day stay was very comfortable.

I then stayed at Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri hotel which was beautiful, such a gorgeous way to recover. As a group we had breakfast together every morning and made some great friends,had a lot of laughs and checked out each other’s new assets ;) I shopped when I felt up to it. The inclusions in the escorted group were great, the pampering, shows and dinners were a lot of fun.

My pain levels were very minimal, I did get tired easily though and rested when I needed to. I feel that my recovery was assisted due to being away with no cooking, cleaning or kids to look after. Everything was easy and the hotel was impeccable (cleaner than my house lol).

I wouldn’t hesitate going to Thailand again through Medi Makeovers for surgery, my experience was above and beyond what I expected and my surgery results are fantastic. Dr Rungkit is an incredible surgeon who achieved what some AU surgeons told me was not possible. I am thrilled with my results and experience. I actually would not do surgery any other way now. Cindy



Tummy Tuck

A big thank you to Medi Makeovers for all that you did. You all went above and beyond everything I ever expected. I had been contemplating having the surgery for over 2 years now, and when I was given your contact details from a friend who had surgery done as well and gave amazing reviews, this is when I made up my mind to go ahead with my surgery. Having a very short time frame to have it done in, I contacted Medi Makeovers 2 weeks prior to the date of when I wanted surgery. Kim was amazing in getting back to me with all the details and finalizing my trip in such a short time. The fact that I didn’t have to organize a thing, except for getting on the right plane was a God send.

I was picked up at the airport and chauffeured to the hospital where I was checked in that afternoon. The next day I was greeted by James and Daniela with open kindness and 2 of the loveliest ladies I think I have ever met. I was a bit worried at first going on my own without my family, but when I got there, they introduced me to another lady who was having similar surgery on the same day and we became friends helping each other through our recovery.

Dr Rungkit was a lovely doctor and did an amazing job. He listened to what I wanted and did the best he could to give me the results I wanted. All of the nurses were so friendly and couldn’t do enough to make me as comfortable as possible during my 3 nights recovery stay in the hospital.

I stayed at the Grande Central Terminal 21 Hotel for 10 nights during my recovery, which was connected to the Terminal 21 shopping centre. Everything we wanted from hairdressers, to nail techs, to masseuses, and amazing restaurants were right there, so we didn’t even have to leave the building. I am 7 weeks post op now and feeling stronger every day. Even though it is a long recovery, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much to everyone at Medi Makeovers for making this one of the best experiences of my life. xx



Body Liposuction

I had been contemplating surgery for a few years now and after receiving a few quotes in Australia I realised this wasn’t going to be an option so I put it off for a while. After seeing a report on TV about medical tourism I started looking more into it and looked into some companies here that offer this. I was actually referred to Medi Makeover by Kim, their consultant, who I know personally so this killed all my doubts and worries about such procedures overseas.

From the moment of consultation everything went smoothly. All my questions were answered promptly, any assistance I needed with forms, bookings etc was provided promptly as well. I joined the Feb 2014 escorted group tour for vaser liposuction treatment. My surgeon, Dr Worapong, who is a quiet fellow but he is a master at what he does and he has done a lot of procedures. The hospital and nurses was 1st class as well, no complaints here. It’s actually a shame we don’t get this kind of treatment here in Australia without forking out thousands for it. Arrived Thursday night, Friday morning I was admitted, consultation and all pre op tests done, surgery soon after. It was great how quick it all was. I’m not going to lie, first days of recovery can be painful and uncomfortable but it’s nothing extreme and it gets better day by day and the nurses are always on hand to assist, there’s like 5 that come in every time.

I highly recommend joining the group tour if travelling alone. You get to meet some great people in the same position as you and it’s great to have the company especially going through recovery where it can get lonely sometimes.

It was great to have Kim on the travel as well, she was so professional yet down to earth while over there, and also a phone call away if needed. I can’t commend her enough for without her help I probably would have not had the procedure.

All in all I highly recommend Medi Makeovers to anyone that wants something done to give them ago. I know I will again hopefully next year, for some dental.



Surgery and Dental

To everyone I’ve met on this journey thank you all for your company and friendship… It has been a pleasure knowing such a beautiful group of ladies… I wish you all the very best for today tomorrow and the future… Kerri, my consultant, thank you from bottom of my heart you are what made this journey possible for me and someday I hope I get the chance to thank you in person… Daniela and Zara you ladies rock and if there is ever anything you both need just holler… Love to you all MISSY. Dental – crowns and Implants and surgery – Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Liposuction.