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MY experience from start to finish can’t be faulted … I’m a Spa and Beauty Trainer and Workplace assessor and this was an incredible experience … MM made the experience as effortless and comfortable as extreme dental could ever be … The dental team were incredible – being on your own in a strange country and not speaking the language was not an issue at all so DON”T let that deter you! My stay at Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 was quite an experience and I had the pleasure of running into the wonderful Daniela when I was there. Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 hotel was extreme indulgence with a wonderful deep bath to soak in (and a weird “wash your bum toilet” that has to be experienced to be believed)

Make use of the in house facilities at the hospital … there is a wonderful masseuse called Apple at the BP9 hospital wellness Centre (10th floor) whose reflexology and treatments are simply AWESOME and shouldn’t be missed … in fact the treatments that I received there were possibly the best that I had anywhere in Thailand (and trust me I had quite a few) … and not expensive at all so have as many as you can fit in!

Being the chatter that I am – I struck up conversation with other medi tourists and was surprised to find that their (non MM) deals were nothing like the service and care that I was getting. Daniela and the team have certainly done their research thoroughly and sourced some top deals from accommodation through to medical services. Stephen who organised the flights (and my add-ons of Koh Samui for a few days) was also really helpful … I highly recommend both Medi Makeovers and Out and About Travel to everyone contemplating going

I am sad to say that the medical standards I encountered made Australian health-care look positively 3rd world – staffing levels, cleanliness and attitude to service – and I haven’t even mentioned the COST!!



Surgery and Dental

To everyone I’ve met on this journey thank you all for your company and friendship… It has been a pleasure knowing such a beautiful group of ladies… I wish you all the very best for today tomorrow and the future… Kerri, my consultant, thank you from bottom of my heart you are what made this journey possible for me and someday I hope I get the chance to thank you in person… Daniela and Zara you ladies rock and if there is ever anything you both need just holler… Love to you all MISSY. Dental – crowns and Implants and surgery – Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Liposuction.


Dave Miller

Well my extensive dental treatment is finally nearing completion. Australia day 2012, I was the victim of a vicious unprovoked assault, which resulted in extensive damage to my teeth. I was advised that I would require replacement of my four tooth bridge, along with several damaged molars. Being very expensive, I had temp repairs done to my bridge. Some 6 months latter, I was involved in an accident in Las Vegas, resulting in the loss of bridge along with other damage. It was time to bite the bullet, (with what teeth were left) & get my dental work sorted.
Some 18 or so months ago, I visited my dentist in Geraldton and a specialist in Perth. The quote I recieved shocked me, 65 to 70k+. I decided to look futher afield and started researching overseas treatment. At about the same time, there was a couple of stories in the media about this and Medi Makeover. I contacted a very helpful and informative consultant, Kerri who has been a dream to deal with. My research had steered me towards two dental organizations in Bangkok, so I had Kerri book me with Bangkok Smile. The quote I received from Kerri was awesome, so good in fact, I actally arranged to have additional cosmetic work done. My first trip over was quite rushed, only having 7 days in Bangkok. In that time I had a major bone graft and two implants in preparation to replace my lost bridge. On my return to Australia I had to visit my local dentist to have the stiches from the bone graft removed. My dentist checked the work that had been done, giving it a thumbs-up. I returned 6 months later for 16 days for fitting of my bridge, 2 crowns, 2 more bone grafts, 4 implants, deep root cleaning, replacement of 5 amalgum filings with porcelain ones & laser whitening.
This is my third and final visit for treatment. I am having my 4 new teeth fitted to the implants, 1 final amalgum filling replaced and another session of deep root cleaning. The total cost of my treatment including the very minimal fee from Medi Makeovers, airfares and hotels is approximately 1/3 of what I was quoted in Australia.
For anyone contemplating overseas medical treatment, I sugest that you firstly do your homework, know exactly what you want done. Once you have done your research then ring Medi Makeovers.