Tracie's Breast Lift

& Augmentation

I’ve been wanting my boobs done since I gave birth to my oldest son 25 years ago. I had for many many years been self-conscious about how I looked in tops and dresses and then 2 years ago lost 30kgs and my bra size decreased from DD to a saggy B, and I seriously started to revisit my Dream of surgery.


I had 2 consultations in Sydney and quoted for a lift and augmentation $14,000!! I then started looking into Thailand. After liking a few plastic surgery pages on Facebook a before and after photo from Medi Makeovers appeared on my news feed. I was amazed by the after photos so I looked into this company further. I sent the enquiry form off and within the hour I had a response from my consultant. I had also sent another enquiry form to another company and it took 3 days for them to respond. I knew then I had found the right company. I sent my MM consultantand this other company my photos and the communication with MM was outstanding. The other company not so. It didn’t matter what time or day I emailed my consultant she always responded promptly and all my questions were answered and everything, I mean everything was organised for me.

I received my written recommendations from Dr Rungkit and decided to book my surgery date and pay my deposit. I still had not received the recommendations from the other company but that didn’t matter as I was confident in my decision to stick with Medi Makeovers.


I did however receive the information from the other company and I was shocked!! They had sent me someone else’s quote that had attached ALL her photos.  I informed them if this and informed them I had decided to go with someone else! I thought if they can’t get the quote right what else could possibly go wrong! 


I decided to pay the $500 and join the January escorted group, I was hesitant about this at first but so glad I did.  Everything was organised for you, the only thing I had to think about was what to wear that day!


My surgery, Dr Rungkit, well what can I say other than AMAZING! I was understandably anxious the day of my surgery but the minute I walked out of the consultation I knew I was in the best hands. He was honest, and had a very calming nature.  From there I was taken to my room in the hospital and again I was amazed. The standard of the hospital to what is offered here in Australia well doesn’t compare.


I had my surgery on the 3rd Feb at 8pm and Dr Rungkit came and saw me early the next morning and told me that he did give me the implant size I was wanting and that everything went very well! I’ve gone from a saggy B to a massive full E!!!!

I have to admit I didn’t experience any pain just tightness on my chest. Zara and the lovely Miss James and Bo came to see me in hospital and I was extremely well looked after. The nurses are amazing and nothing was a drama for them.


It was a truly unique experience to share with 5 other strangers but one we never forget. It was comforting to have others having the same procedure done around. We left Thailand all friends that still keep in touch. Zara and Miss Bo are priceless. Their knowledge of Bangkok is incredible and if you wanted to know anything or go anywhere they made it happen. Also knowing that I could go back to the hospital if I had any concerns was also very comforting. Nothing and I mean nothing was a problem.


8 weeks on and I’m so happy that I have done this and I’m over the moon with my results.  I could not have done this without Zara and Medi Makeovers. Their on the ground knowledge and relationships they have built in Bangkok is very evident while you’re there. The hotel was 5 star and just incredible and I can’t recommend Medi Makeovers highly enough.  Hands down one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and honestly have no regrets about choosing to go to Thailand. Even my GP when I got home was super impressed with my incisions and asked me who I went through and was happy to say Medi Makeovers.


Procedures: Anchor Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation
Implant Type: 485cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone
Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Over/Half Under The Muscle)

Travel: Medi Makeovers Escorted Group


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